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This shift led to his breakout performance in Bob Fosse's In 1987, Roberts was arrested for harassing a woman and striking a police officer, both while under the influence of drugs.

He pleaded guilty to harassment, but the other charges were later dropped.

She may long to make the choice to spend valuable time with her kids.

However, her compulsion about work—having to organize all her pencils by color, let’s say—keeps her from being able to make and act on the choice to be with her kids. And it’s unregulated because you end up having no regard for other obligations.

In the section on addiction, you say, “You’re employed by your addiction. It’s not the doing of the drug—It’s the doing of the stuff you do to get the drug.” Can you explain what you mean by “unregulated? An example from my own past was when I was on my way to an important meeting for a movie, but I knew my pot dealer was coming over.

I chose to wait for the dealer and ended up being late for the meeting.

Partying harder and abusing prescription drugs, he subsequently found himself playing villains and bad guys.Discussing the craziness of your early days in Hollywood, you said, “When I got into movies, they would send you to the prop truck and there would be lines of cocaine.Everybody—from the executives and producers to craft services—was high on that drug. It was out of control, and I was a kid.” Are you happy that crazy side of Hollywood is now in your past?So it became speech therapy at first.” I actually grew up stuttering as well, and I must admit it was traumatic. As Paul Snider, the Svengali-like husband of Dorothy Stratten, the 1980 Playboy Playmate of the Year and rising Hollywood star, you embraced the cruel and obsessive ugliness of the character. He felt you deserved an Academy Award for the performance, but believed that, “Hollywood will not nominate an actor for portraying a creep, no matter how good the performance is.” What was your relationship like with legendary director Bob Fosse? Did he drive you to work hard to bring forth such a performance? I relished playing that role and having the opportunity to be a part of telling that story.When I first discovered alcohol and pot, it was like a revelation. I adored Bob Fosse and admired him beyond description.

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It made me feel normal, and I did not have to worry so much about my stutter. Our complex relationship was written about in Sam Wasson’s book, about his life.

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