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Only Reza stands out: ‘He didn’t look like the other children – not because of his olive skin, his fierce little eyebrows, the set of his lip, but because his clothes were so tidy, so formal and foreign.’ Despite his sensitivity and charm, Reza is a target for the other children.

Early in the school year three boys gang up on him in the playground, call him ‘a terrorist’ and tell him ‘the playground was for Americans.’The incident leads to a meeting with Reza’s mother, Sirena, and the beginning of Nora’s friendship with the Shahids.

What they used to call a spinster, but don’t anymore, because it implies that you’re dried up and none of us wants to be that.’ Spinsters, in the old novels, are sexless, meddlesome and prissy.

At the time, Nora recalls bitterly, her life bored her: she taught – still teaches – third-graders outside Boston, and the children adore her. She describes her life as a long trajectory of nothingness, a highway through a barren, treeless plain.

The elementary school where Nora teaches is a multicultural parade of ethnic names: there’s Chastity and Ebullience, twins whose grandmother lives in Jamaica; Ilya, from Russia; Duong, from Vietnam; Aristide, from Haiti; Ling, whose father speaks Mandarin.

‘We’d had a boy from Oman and there was a girl now in the fourth grade from Liberia.’ There’s also a José and a child named Shi-shi, provenance unknown.

Nora decides she may be in love with women and nearly confesses her love for Sirena before her lesbian friends talk her down.

She dreams of the possibility of moving in with the Shahids and establishing a sort of gynocracy, perhaps in Vermont or Tuscany.

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Then Reza arrives, ‘eight years old and a canonical boy, a child from a fairy tale’.

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