When did daniel kelly and melinda shankar start dating

Every time she looks at me I grin, every time she reacts to something in the script with a giggle or a gasp or even a smile I touch her without even realizing it, a hand on her shoulder, a soft nudge, my knee brushing against hers.

With talking, reactions, script notes and changes it takes about three hours to get through the table read because we do two episodes at a time, although recently all the episodes have been two parters anyway.

" Daniel asks."I'm guessing on the tour they were flirting a lot on the tour," Jahmil comments."Have you asked her out yet?

" Daniel questions."No you know how she feels about dating people she works with," I remind them."Yeah but she broke up with her last boyfriend over six months ago because he didn't like her busy schedule. " Jahmil asks."Yeah Henry he was a music major," I nod."K so he couldn't take her schedule and they went to school together but you two work together and you've known her a long time," Daniel says nudging me and sort of pushing me over to Ais who just sat down at a table with Jordy and Sam."Just go over there and ask her out," Jahmil insists."I'm not going over there now and she's not going to say yes," I argue getting in line to get some food."Then go find out if she's going to hang out with all of us tonight and ask her out then," Jahmil asserts. There the only extras currently on set but we're not filming today we're just rehearsing and blocking.

I look at her and grin without realizing at."What are we grinning at? " I reply mentally slapping myself and looking away from Ais."Oh I should have known," Jahmil grins glancing at Ais."Okay everyone is here let's get started, find your names at the table," Stefan tells us sitting at one end of the room with the writer of the episode and the producers.

I walk around the table until I find my place; they always mark it with the name we prefer to go by and our character's name.

After blocking and walking through a few more group scenes we're let go for the day but we have a 7am call time tomorrow morning.

We block the assembly scene and then many of the party scenes since there are lots people in those shots and lots of various shots for a couple of different scenes.A/U story featuring everyone from season 12 and a few others from previous seasons will make appearances. Welcome to this brand new story which is dedicated to Keisi Cutie who requested it a very long time ago and I am very sorry it took me so long to get to it.Legal: I am not in any way affiliated with De Grassi or Epitome.It is much harder to write for real people than for characters.Important things to know before reading:*This takes place during the filming of season 12 and may continue beyond that*Jessica and Munro are dating but Daniel and Mindy are not for this story Mindy & Justin are dating*Starts shortly after the Party with De Grassi tour*Please see note above*The rest, including relationships, are in the story so enjoy Because this story involves the actors not the characters I'm including a list of actors along with their nicknames (that I'm aware of if they have any) simply for reference although I imagine most of you know this information already.

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To my great delight I'm sitting next Aislinn with Daniel on my other side, Ais has Jordy next to her and Leesh is next to Daniel."Hi Ais," I grin sitting next to her."Morning Luke," she smiles sitting down."Welcome everyone and especially to our new cast members even though some of you know each other already.

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