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Similar deposits are also in Northern Nova Scotia along the coast near the town of Sydney, and, to a lesser extent, in other parts of the Province. The evidence presented herein suggests that the upright fossil plants and trees in the Nova Scotia strata were not buried in their original places of growth, but rather were uprooted by catastrophic influences, transported and re-deposited by water, perhaps by a .The beds at Joggins and Sydney consist mainly of alternating layers of sandstones, shales, coals and coaly shales, along with mudstones, clays, and occasional limestones. Evidence is also presented, both for and against the allochthonous and autochthonous theories of coal formation.

This is indicated by an almost complete uniformity of the surrounding sediments, and by the fact that they are layered.

One of the first things which led me to question this interpretation were the drawings themselves. 198 The most obvious evidence for rapid burial is the tree itself: that it was buried before it had time to decay, and that its top is as well-preserved as its base.

It seemed strange to suggest that many of the fossil trees have "extensive root systems" yet the pictures and drawings of them do to describe fossil trees that are upright in relation to the surrounding strata. The roots are about two feet long and appear to be truncated.

Although there is enough data on fossil trees, tree stumps and roots to perhaps fill a 200-400 page book, much of it is only accessible with access to large University libraries, document provider services, and from books over 100 years old: half of which is in German.... However, if this were the case we would expect Dawson to have said so.

I am of the opinion that the polystrate fossils constitute a crucial phenomenon both to the actuality and the mechanism of cataclysmic deposition. We would also (still) expect to see small rootlets below the tree, yet such are not depicted.

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