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There will also be plenty of family shows to choose from to help you fit that all important bonding time into your busy schedules.

Your 10 channels will include Sky 1, Sky Atlantic, Sky Living, Sky Arts 1, Comedy Central, Gold, Fox, the Discovery Channel, the Disney Channel and MTV, so you will never be stuck for things to watch and there really is something to suit every taste.

MURPHY: A sense of place is important to this story, and here it is. By then his mom, Kitty Walker, knew that Michelle would always be her boy’s one and only. KITTY WALKER: He just fell head over heels, and it was total commitment. He and Michelle would have three more girls, commitment to his job, working his way up the ranks at Frito-Lay, and commitment, most of all, to the God he worshiped every Sunday at Hollywood Baptist Church. BENEFIELD: You know how they always say God, family? MURPHY: Thad was perfectly comfortable rising in front of the congregation at Hollywood and speaking with the conviction of a polished preacher. God says pursue righteousness, pursue faith, pursue love with others who call on the Lord. WALKER: I really truly deep down think he wanted to be a missionary. MURPHY: And how about, ‘Let’s piece together the evidence.’ Some wondered why Michelle seemed to have a brand-new funeral outfit ready to go. MURPHY: Did you ever have a conversation, Michelle, where you said, ‘We’ve got to think about the worst possible thing. MURPHY: Michelle denied that she’d sent her lover to kill her husband as she talked exclusively about her extramarital affair with DATELINE. REYNOLDS: At one point we were both talking about it.

Rome, Georgia, a county seat northwest of Atlanta, population about 35,000. Proud to be in the Bible Belt and all that implies about how you live your life and treat your neighbors, a great many of whom you’ll know by name. And actually when we got back to their house, I got sick and threw up because I was so nervous. MURPHY: And right after Michelle and Thad graduated, the football player and the homecoming queen got married. MURPHY: Thad and Michelle decided to home-school their four little girls to shield them from the secular worldly influences of public classrooms. The only way we’re going to be together is to get rid of Thad’? You know, ‘We need to stop,’ and then he’d come back and he says, ‘I can’t.

MURPHY: So you were the really cool girl at school. MURPHY: And that’s because of what happened early one morning. MURPHY: So much lost in the blink of an eye, so much blood. SCOTTY HARPER: I’m looking at myself in the rearview mirror for a minute before I go in. HARPER: It’s hard to believe things got to where it was. Thad and fellow church members pitched in on the construction. THAD REYNOLDS: (On stage) God working in my life, watching God work in their lives. REYNOLDS: (On stage) John , God has done a miracle in my life. Was it time for prosecutors to play their least favorite game, “Let’s Make a Deal”? MURPHY: Michelle would write in an e-mail later that she could relate to the words of that old song, “Torn Between Two Lovers.” Ms. She was absolutely pulling his strings and pushing him and hinting and saying, ‘We’re never going to be together unless.’ MURPHY: Unless, they argued, Scotty killed her husband.

MURPHY: With their church at the center of their lives, supportive families living right next door, how had it come to what it did? MURPHY: They had a little girl and named her Olivia, but the young marriage was foundering. MURPHY: Thad and Michelle, after four years apart, began marriage take two. Was it really about one crazed man killing the husband who stood in the way? Stop me if you have any hesitation.” Do you remember that?

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