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Who, newly in love, preoccupied from morning till night with thoughts of love, can believe they will ever be out of step with their partner, that the feelings they are experiencing so strongly will ever fade?

Certainly no bride or groom wants to hear that their flame will burn lower in time. The passionate love that begins a marriage cannot sustain a marriage.

Stage Three: Cooperation This stage is like a breath of fresh air for couples who have stayed the course and successfully navigated the perilous passage of power struggles.

Now a sense of acceptance and a willingness to change enter the relationship.

Two independent persons forming a way of life together eventually run into power struggles and must learn to adjust to each other's ways.

The intensity and turmoil of this stage varies among couples, but almost every couple engages in this struggle.

There are five stages of a relationship between a man and a woman. According to scientists, at this stage of a relationship, natural chemicals are released in the brain to make a couple want to be together, have sex and stay together long enough for offspring to be created.

Reaching out to fulfill their deepest needs for intimacy, they experience a kind of mystical union, and they celebrate the ecstasy of bliss and belonging.

Stage Two: Power Struggle This stage, rife with tension, begins when idiosyncrasies emerge and differences become glaring.

But as partners become older, retire, and face the end of life together, they develop a more pronounced energy of co-creativity.

The rhythm of intimacy comes to a new and final flourish. Secure in themselves and in their love, couples have an abundant flow of energy for action in the world at large.

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Newlyweds who equate true love only with passion are doomed to disappointment.

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