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Tests conducted by MEI Charlton, Inc., Portland, OR.Certain ADA applications may require a specific handle location.• Wheels: Nylon wheels with ball bearing roller on steel axles • Lead Post: 3/4" x 2-3/4" heavy-duty aluminum with interlocking jamb mold supplied for positive folding door alignment • Latch: Thumbturn two-sides with deadlatch supplied as standard • Stacking: 1-1/4" per lineal foot plus 2-3/4" lead post • Fire-Retardancy is available in light oak and chalk only All Necessary Hardware And Materials Shall Be Provided For Normal Installation 240 Series Folding Door Options • Heights 4' and less • Made as a Pair or Double End Lead Post • Thumbturn One-Side with deadlatch • Magnet with strike plate • Recessed Hat Channel • Curvable "I" Beam Track • Gold Metal Components • Hardwood Astragals • Sliding Jamb Panel is used when you would like to hide the accordion door in a pocket The following allows for custom keying by your local locksmith: • Keyed lock one-side • Keyed lock one-side cylinder with pull • Keyed lock two-sides • Keyed lock two-sides cylinder with pull Intermediate Rolling Post for dividing doors into to manageable sections, plus providing a surface to attach the following foot-bolts: • Non-Locking foot-bolt • Foot-bolt with spring pin • Locking foot-bolt These folding doors can be ordered unfinished or primed to accommodate your paint or stain.We provide special custom finishes and have the ability to match existing finishes along with custom laminates such as Formica, Wilsonart, Pionite, and Navamar to name a few.

Snapping involves the breaking in half of the lock cylinder and its removal from the door by common hand tools, usually in under 30 seconds.

Designed to provide security and be an aesthetic divider our 240 series of folding doors incorporates the many design benefits desired in industrial, commercial, retail or hospitality settings.

ADA Compatible The Series 140, 220, 240, 440, and 540 were tested for ADA compliance for opening load force per ADA/BOMA SEC 4.1311.

"Pins" are set at different heights so when the correct key is inserted they are pushed up into a clear line to allow the key to turn and operate the lock.

The principle of bumping works on creating a kinetic energy causing the individual pins to jump, allowing the lock to be opened using a special key known as a "bump Key." This form of attack is prevalent across Europe and disturbingly 80% of the locks tested by an organisation in the Netherlands could easily be bumped within minutes – most only taking seconds.

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