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6, 2017, PR News removed Webster from its website listing him as the winner.

NASHVILLE — Public relations industry group PR News has removed Nashville music industry publicist Kirt Webster's name from its website listing him as winner of a "publicist of the year" award.

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PR News did not return several phone calls seeking comment about Webster's award.

Former Webster associate Zach Farnum said, "Kirt Webster receiving this award is not only a slap in the face to all of the good, moral publicists in our profession, but also to the many victims like myself who suffered through his torment.

Webster's alleged behavior includes trading explicit photographs for passes to meet-and-greet sessions with Parton, unwanted touching and unleashing vulgar nicknames during company meetings.

Don’t let the lack of ponytail fool you: Dyer is every polyamorous guy you’ve ever met at a party.I will not participate in or associate with this organization until they correct and apologize for this error." Allegations of abuse against Webster surfaced at the end of October when former client Austin Rick accused the publicist of drugging and assaulting him.Since then 21 other clients and employees have come forward to allege wrongdoing.After more than 20 years in Nashville, Webster became one of the most powerful publicists in town, with a roster of high-profile artists that included multiple Country Music Hall of Fame members.Earlier this year, he accompanied several of his clients to Washington as they performed at Donald Trump's pre-inauguration concert.

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