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I have been teaching my private clients how to create this kind of success online for more than 2 decades, and I get paid hundreds (and even thousands) of dollars to show guys how to be successful online.

Now, I'm not telling you this to brag — I just want you to know that I know this stuff inside and out — and have been doing it successfully for years.

When I get better, I’m hoping next year I wanted to sign up for your online dating make over package as I really enjoyed the videos of you coaching people as they date online.

Just wanted to let you know that since I purchased your product a few days ago the response I have had from women has been amazing! A couple of emails have been sent back and forth and I’m meeting her on Thursday!

I used all of your tips and within less than 48 hours I’ve already had 10 women correspond with me.

Lots of women are commenting on how amazingly written my profile is and how refreshing it is.

You may know me as one of the top dating coaches in the country — and some would say, the world.

For every 20 emails I sent out, I got about 1 to 2 responses at best and usually, they were not very good responses.

of online dating, but has found it to be a totally frustrating experience? You contact the women you're interested never seem to make contact with them.

Maybe you're viewing women's profiles and they don't view yours. Maybe you get LOTS of messages from women — except they're all from women you're attracted to or you are just not getting the kind of responses you want.

For those of you that are fed up with online dating like I was, I definitely recommend and urge you to buy his product!

" jam-packed hours of LIVE coaching, demonstrations and REAL advice you can immediately put into play and use online.

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