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She shares limited biographical info on Twitter, Instagram, and in occasional interviews.

She is home-schooled per an agreement with her father that, if she got straight A’s, he would drive her to “as many events as he possibly could.” After Instagramming a picture with Robin Roberts, she told the Good Morning America host that her first celebrity encounter was with Robert Hayes, when she was 12. Jones — the actor who told viewers not to watch Two and a Half Men, the show he’s on — attend church together every Sunday.

Her caption reads: Zac Vanessa and I at the California Pizza Kitchen a week after Zac got out of surgery. Vanessa is my idol, and Zac is one of my favorite actors. The omission of last names might suggest that Sarah and the couple were actually friends. Videos of Sarah on You Tube show her bowling with a Jonas brother one minute and waiting in the shadows outside Chateau Marmont the next.

Witness her drop Miley Cyrus’s name casually before circling the block repeatedly in the passenger seat of her dad’s car to catch other Disney stars.

Each photo has two subjects: a member of Hollywood’s elite class — everyone from Justin Bieber and Brad Pitt and Kim Kardashian to virtual unknowns like Ce Ce Frey and Brian Logan Dales — and Sarah, positioned in the right of the frame. She wears a black leather jacket and a classic rock T-shirt. After five years of striking this pose again and again, Sarah M Online, now 17 and a senior in high school, has achieved her own level of celebrity. “I go to events now and I’ll just get absolutely swarmed by kids,” she tells me on the phone.

She has fans (and haters), passes to movie premieres, a manager, and an invitation to Perez Hilton’s 35th birthday party. “I’ll sign hundreds of autographs and take hundreds of pictures … “If it’s not the right time, I won’t go up to them.

Sarah also protects their fame: In response to negative online attention the Jonas Brothers were receiving, she decided to include them on her site 80 times in one year.

If you’re famous, “Stalker Sarah” waits for you in your hotel lobby or outside your favorite nightclub, or approaches you in a restaurant, or backstage at your concert. She’s collected almost 6,200 of them in a Flickr account under the name Sarah M Online, which she started when she was 12.

” But even as she laughs at these in the clip, Sarah purposely doesn’t share her last name for fear of online predators.

She points out that TV shows like The Bachelor keep their contestants’ last names a secret for the same reason.

Angus’ alleged girlfriend may not be a celeb herself, but her face probably looks familiar to tons of fandoms out there!

Meet Sarah M, or, as she’s more commonly referred to as, Stalker Sarah!

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Sarah, a 17-year-old girl from Toluca Lake, California, has over 63,000 followers under her Twitter handle @sarahmonline and has come face to face with stars like Justin Bieber, One Direction and Miley Cyrus DOZENS of times!

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