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Looking ahead, as many of you know well, demand for livestock products will continue to intensify over the decades to come.I am pleased to report that the International Feed Industry Federation (IFIF) is fully engaged in meeting these challenges and providing a unified leadership for our industry in the food chain that provides sustainable, safe, nutritious and affordable food for a growing world population.Please note that this does not mean that we are retiring the in-market, released versions of ADAL!Quite the contrary, in fact – as you will see in the next section.On Wednesday we announced the first developer preview of MSAL, the brand-new Microsoft Authentication Library.MSAL is a unified library that helps you to develop applications that work with Microsoft Accounts, Azure AD accounts and Azure AD B2C users indifferently – all in a single, streamlined programming model! Here in the Identity Division we’re focusing more than ever on making developers successful on our identity platform.From enterprises to startups to hobbyists, whether the software you’re writing is for sale or for use by your team.

Not only is ADAL fully supported: we are about to release ADAL . That means that in few days you’ll be able to use ADAL v3 in production to build apps that work on Note: the ADAL v3 Nu Get supports developing for .To further that focus, I’ve recently joined the team as Director of Program Management for our developer-facing products and programs.I’ve spent my career either as a developer or working on developer technologies, including work in .There are tons of ways you can engage with us while at the conference.Dear IFIF Members, dear friends and colleagues, The feed industry is at the center of one of the most significant challenges facing our societies in the next decades: how to feed a growing, urbanizing, world population expected to reach over 9 billion by 2050 and do so safely, sustainably and affordably.

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