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In general urban surveyors gave closer attention to prominent buildings than to the mass of ordinary dwellings.Churches would be drawn individually, while houses might just be indicated by rows of identical roofed boxes.Old Maps Online is a search engine for historical maps with a map interface.It indexes a huge number maps made available online by archives and libraries, including major online map sources mentioned below.There are very few maps of any kind for the British Isles before Henry VIII commissioned maps of English coasts and harbours (right).

John Ogilby's road maps of England and Wales in (1675)are the best-known.

James Millerd's map of Bristol in 1671 was also based on a measured survey, but still used the familiar bird's-eye view.

It had vignettes of major buildings around the border, as did some other 17th-century town plans.

Instead we have written itineraries along the roads of gives us an idea of what they were like.

The decline of literacy after the fall of Rome meant that few would able to read either a written itinerary or a map.

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A few significantbuildings were marked on the map by letters, with their names given in a key.

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