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Takav sadržaj će biti izbrisan čim bude primijećen, a autori mogu biti prijavljeni nadležnim institucijama.

Ukoliko smatrate da se u ovom članku krši Kodeks novinara, prijavite Ombudsmanu.

She gained her masters degree in 1990 with thesis AIDS patients from a psychological point of view at the same University. Bernardica Juretić worked as a nurse in Caritas Elderly People's Home in Freyung, Germany (1984–1986).Of course, with our effort, but surely we cannot do that alone." She refuses to talk about abortion, artificial insemination and the Life Partnership Act for same-sex couples because she considers those questions to be ideological.Zagreb TV Tower is a 169-metre (563 ft) tall TV tower built of reinforced concrete on the summit of the 1035 metre (3450 ft) tall mountain Medvednica near Zagreb, Croatia. It is not open for the public, although in a 75-metre (246 ft) level there is space for a foreseen tower restaurant.In 1984, at the age of 21, she became a nun by joining the Italian Ancelle Della Carita' order.She eventually left order in 1990 at the age of 27 due to many other obligations that she had around taking care of drug addicts.

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  1. It was from a 40-year old woman who called herself Dianna. Tonight, I'm confiscating your computer and webcam." Suddenly, David broke down into tears. At first, he said he did it just out of curiosity but then it had become an unhealthy habit.