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Apple seems to have identified this plugin as causing a lot of tech support request lets hope the author fixes this.

For all of you using Podpress check your i Tunes listing to make sure it is updating this is critical for those of you that have just started using the plugin, also examine your RSS feed and if you see the new-url element you need to start asking the author why it is being utilized and is not a selectable option.

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Mind you this is a new blog that I had setup a couple of weeks earlier that had already been listed in i Tunes.

To my suprise after the Pod Press plugin install my mom’s i Tunes listing quit updating.

Which is only supposed to be used when a podcaster wants to change the URL location of feed.

Unfortunately, there is very little material on how to podcast with Word Press.

When Allen Hunkin had a book about podcasting and he said he'd been podcasting for 14 years, I pointed out his math was very wrong.

I installed it and customized the existing RSS feed so that she would garner all the benefits of the i Tunes tags.

But little did I know that this plugin adds a element to the RSS feed that should only ever be used when a RSS feed is being relocated to a new location.

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