Planetside 2 character stats not updating

The game also features a day and night cycle, meaning that battles happen in different times of day, which affects gameplay, as night time provides excellent cover for coordinated attacks.

Combat takes place on the continents of Auraxis which are broken up into many territories.

Planet Side 2 is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online first-person shooter developed and published by Daybreak Game Company, which released in November 2012.

It is a sequel of Planet Side, which originally released in 2003.

Many certifications require the player to invest in multiple upgrade tiers of the certification, which will increase how effective the certification is.

For example, players can purchase five ranks of Nanoweave Armor, which when equipped will reduce damage taken from infantry weapons.

It also features familiar first person shooter elements such as sprinting, iron sights, and regenerating shields.

Players can also deploy turrets, silos (where players can store their Cortium) and modules, which include adding AI to friendly turrets and generating shields.

Hardline Interference Volume Emitters, or HIVEs, can be deployed, which are structures that become active when any of a faction's two Victory Cores are available.

Using the certification system, players will be able to customize how they play using different classes or vehicles.

For example, a player can purchase certifications to alter the main function of the Sunderer vehicle, such as the ability to give the vehicle the ability to repair or restock the ammunition of nearby allied vehicles and aircraft.

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Continents can be captured, or "locked," by a specific faction.

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