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(MUSIC: “Keep Movin (Instrumental)” by The Brotherhood) ERIC: Everyone jumps out of their seats and starts shouting, trying to squeeze through the aisle, which, by now, has completely disappeared. ERIC: One guy is literally climbing over the seats. ERIC: The whole thing has this sort of speed dating feel to it. (MUSIC: “Moment of Clarity” by Michael Smith”) ERIC: Anne-Gail says for much of high school, there was a real push and pull at home. But be aware that this will have a really, really tough time trying to explain this to anyone in the audience. I was very direct from the beginning when I said, when I said that we need, this is a dysfunctional team. ADAM: I guess I’ve just I’ve been learning a lot about myself lately. Like, I said at the start of this, like, I feel like I’ve led a, you know, self-perceived boring life so far.

ERIC: There are six different buses around the country.

There’s no money, there’s no investment guarantee at the end, there’s no contract. So I decided to get on the bus here in New York and ride it to New Orleans with 22 of these strangers, to see, like, what is the thing that’s pulling them to this bus.

And they say their parents had pretty rigid ideas about what track to follow. And at some point, the pressure of all that really started getting to Anne-Gail. But we have three days to do this, so what we need to do is drill into something that’s really feasible. ERIC: We head to a ballroom, with giant windows and a panoramic view of the U. Team Daisy, the funeral planning app, they’re the first up to pitch. CAL COSTANZO: So there’s one thing here that we all have in common. FRANK: What this provides is a method for people to invest their cryptocurrency, gain interest on it, and do so by investing in small businesses anywhere. PARKER: Can we build a product around the idea that nobody knows how the hell to use cryptocurrency and why it’s valuable. ERIC: It’s pretty clear things are going off the rails. But now I feel like there’s this whole new wave of things happening. I feel like as, you know, as a person, I’m really realizing my potential. You know right now it’s cultivated in the Startup Bus, you know, which I signed up for, it was like last week.

Anne-Gail went to a notoriously competitive high school in Manhattan. Everybody gathers for a quick lunch, grilled meat and veggies on sticks, and the panelists take their seats to the right of the stage. One team member explains what the company will do, to the extent they even know. But they’re realizing they may not have much of an idea at all. I walk out into the hallway where one member of Denari is standing alone, looking frustrated. Trying to explain to them how are you going to make money off of this. You know, it was just like school and then like insurance. But it’s just been this crazy ball of energy that’s just…I feel like we’re all on to something bigger here.

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It’s actually…actually I do have a little bit of a surprise for you. ERIC: So this whole thing sort of reminded me of a season of “Road Rules,” the old MTV show.

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