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Five people have been injured after a passenger train and freight train smashed into each other.

The horrific smash occurred near Meerbusch-Osterath station, on the outskirts of Dusseldorf in the west of the country.

Because, in an age when economic and cultural globalisation is sweeping away so much of what they take for granted, they are deeply worried about the character of their neighbourhoods, the competition for jobs, the pressure on schools and hospitals and the survival of their national identity.

In an age when so many of us feel buffeted by remote, unaccountable forces, the one thing people crave is a degree of control over their own lives, their towns and their streets.

She believed showing unprecedented generosity would banish the demons of Germany’s past.

Instead, with horrendous irony, she reawakened them. The rise of the Far Right across Europe predates the Syrian refugee crisis.

In the formerly Communist east the Af D was second to the Christian Democrats.

In some depressed areas, it won more than 50 per cent of the vote.

At around 7.30pm local time, a National Express train from Cologne to Krefeld with more than 100 passengers on board, collided with the DB Cargo train.But having presided over the Christian Democrats’ worst electoral performance since the Forties, the Iron Chancellor is now looking positively rusty.The real sensation, though, was the rise of the Far Right Alternative für Deutschland (Af D), which won 13 per cent of the vote and a staggering 94 seats in the Bundestag.Such was the fate, for example, of the thoughtful former editor of the liberal Prospect magazine, David Goodhart, who had the temerity to write a series of articles asking whether mass immigration might weaken the bonds that hold our society together.His reward was to find himself persona non grata, treated in some quarters almost as a latter-day Joseph Goebbels. And the plain fact is that for decades, millions of people, not just here in Britain, but in almost every country in Europe, have been profoundly worried about mass immigration. Not because, as their liberal critics claim, they are all card-carrying racists.

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