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I use to love coming to play pickup basketball and the courts were always dusty and terribly maintained it was an accident waiting to happen you could literally glide on the floor from all the dust and that shouldn’t be possible in basketball shoes.

I enjoy being a Lifetime Member and hope you will do the right thing, so I won’t be compelled to shop elsewhere for a fitness facility that doesn’t try to dictate what I’m “allowed” to see on tv. Your decision to remove cable news from literally nearly 50 TELEVISION SCREENS located in the club is an extreme OVERREACH! Was there consideration for those of us who DO NOT want to watch a litany of infomercials (smoking vapor, early baldness, razor shades, miracle ear ads…) just to name a few.I am cancelling my membership tomorrow Monday December 4, 2017 Reply Right after hurricane Maria I was reading all social information trying to find out about my child who lives there.Right after I Fox report there was comments made by people.The stair master is usually where we start and enjoy watching the news and CNBC. John and Mary Barber Reply I have been a member for a few months and am a loyalty member.It’s beyond our comprehension as to why you’ve taken off the cable news and CNBC. I am not working now and close to living on the street and they will not cancel my membership and I am a VET, very disrespectable.

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