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This chapter explores implications of these properties by illuminating concepts of scale, Earth geometry, coordinate systems, the "horizontal datums" that define the relationship between coordinate systems and the Earth's shape, and the various methods for transforming coordinate data between 3D and 2D grids, and from one datum to another.Compared to Chapter 1, Chapter 2 may seem long, technical, and abstract, particularly to those for whom these concepts are new.Assuming that the aircraft carrying the camera maintains a constant flying height (which pilots of such aircraft try very hard to do), the distance between the camera and the ground varies along each flight path.This causes air photo scale to be larger where the terrain is higher and smaller where the terrain is lower.

This isn't true for aerial imagery, however, except for images that have been orthorectified.

24 with all 10 episodes, and “Flesh and Bone’s” eight-episode run will be out Nov. “Starz has had a fantastic year with original programming in 2015 and we are rewarding our Starz subscribers with two special opportunities to immerse themselves into quality series and enjoy them on their own schedules,” Albrecht said.

David Baldwin, EVP of program planning for Starz, added, “The great and passionate followers of ‘Da Vinci’s Demons’ have been waiting since the spring of last year for new episodes, while the gritty world of ballet as depicted in the ‘Flesh and Bone’ limited series is must-see television for fans of the genre and great television alike.

“Partnering with e One to develop the drama series ‘Havana Quartet’ with international star Antonio Banderas will allow us to give viewers a premium show that highlights the decaying beauty of Cuba during its ‘Special Period’ — a time and place which tourists rarely got to experience.” During Starz’s TCA session, Albrecht noted that Starz has recently concentrated on programming targeted toward underserved audiences and women, adding that it’s “paid off.” Pancho Mansfield, president of global scripted programming of e One Television, commented, “‘Havana Quartet’ is a series that captures both the romance and the underbelly of a country that has struck our collective curiosity and imagination for decades, and it was important for us to create a show that is authentic to Padura’s elegant, noir-tinged novels and to Cuba itself.

We are delighted to partner with Starz and to have assembled such an exceptional team of talent to bring this special project to life.” Also at TCA, Albrecht announced that Starz is getting into the binging game with online and on-demand availability for upcoming limited series “Flesh and Bone” and the final season of “Da Vinci’s Demons,” making all episodes of both projects available for subscribers on Starz Play and Starz On Demand, at the time of the first episode premieres, much like NBC did with “Aquarius.” The entire third season of “Da Vinci’s Demons” will be available Oct.

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