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Lots of crystallized fruits too and even some fresh ones. Nose: the attack is very spirity and rather simple, but that doesn’t last for long. Very sweet and very winey, with some notes of burnt cake and some bold notes of fudge and butter caramel. Just a few strange and slightly disturbing sulphury notes. Certainly the most peaty Glen Garioch I ever had, and it stands the comparison with all islanders – easily. Mouth: rather smooth this time, but also a little disjointed. Peat and dark chocolate, burnt bread, a bit of pepper. Mouth: very nice mix of peat, bitter chocolate, bitter oranges and all sorts of tropical fruits. Well, there might have been a small problem with the cask! Well I could be wrong, but what I was hearing were very pleasing, catchy and artfully constructed country influenced tunes, with a bit of ambient in the background (and the fact that the album version of ‘Mean Street’ seems to have a coda of two minutes of silence won’t persuade me otherwise). ' (statement made before it was withdrawn from the 'regular' retail outlets). The last in-store performance I witnessed was Elliot Smith (the heroin-addicted singer-songwriter) at Amoeba Records in Haight Street, the best record store in the world () Anyway he was fantastic. She does Other Side of the World, Another Place to Fall (a bit Macy Gray, which is no bad thing) and Black Horse, stomping on pedals to create loops of claps, backing vocals, sounds, layering the sound. (though the little electronic bleeps and grinds on Universe & U takes her towards Beth Gibbons territory). Here, on her own, in the aisles she’s better, more raw. In the 60s and early 70s, Glasgow produced two great r&b singers. The other was Lulu who ended up a national pop treasure. Realize you are sitting in pub cellar having taken a wrong turn. Husky produce ‘cinematic music strongly influenced by the power of films and the hypnotic quality of photography’ says their web site, and the word ‘ambient’ seemed to be on everyone’s lips (they’d probably read that a great influence was David Lynch, and apparently Lars von Trier, who I personally have never forgiven for the uniquely depressing ‘Breaking the Waves’). Nose: very fresh, nicely grainy and very flowery, with also whiffs of sea air. Develops on acacia honey, sweet white wine (Sauternes, and one of the best), quince jelly. It has also signed a deal with a distributor in the Balkans, where nine ferries should already stock these baggies. She’s from a folk tradition, a blues tradition which drifts into soul. It’s overproduced, her solo-penned numbers are stronger than the ones with joint credits. She’s on the verge of being airbrushed into acceptability : oor wee KT from Skye.

) difficult to hear, and she whipped the Finnish boys in the crowd (have you ever heard Finnish heckling Serge? An extraordinary balance, quite unexpected, to be honest. Lots of caramel, lots of overcooked or burnt ‘things’, orange liqueur, grain… Please buy their music - they have a CD out, 'Standards' ( Nose: very bold, bourbonny attack, on light caramel and breakfast honey. A bit too hot, I’d say, but water doesn’t really improve it. In short, it’s rather nice and enjoyable but perhaps it lacks a little extra-complexity. Recommended listening - sure they seem to be completely crazy but have a listen to Tortelvis and Dread Zeppelin playing Heartbreak hotel.mp3 and don't tell me it's not, at least, amusing. () When I turn around I’m wedged in by a crowd of remarkably clean and glossy young people. Right enough, there’s a stage, a mic and a big screen saying “K. From Helsinki, Husky Rescue is a collective, a band, and just Husky himself, and the gig was advertised as a solo performance – “hypnotic one man band” said the Guardian. Something nicely sour and winey, with lots of fudge, Xmas cake, grass jelly. Long, creamy and bold finish, with a superb ‘peacock’s tail’. Recommended listening - oldies but goldies: you're in 1969, you take a little Hendrix, a little Cream, a dash of Led Zep and a pinch of The Who (and perhaps something Airplane-esque), stir well and you get Bubble Puppy and their devilish Hot smoke and sassafras.mp3. This oddly packaged product is made by a Dublin firm that’s owned by an American businessman and has already been withdrawn from most Irish retail outlets, because as it’s packaged like some candies (or French letters? Very, very nice, even if just a bit ‘papery’ and perhaps slightly rough. They are closer to the Pogues than to the Sex Pistols if you ask me, but I like them very much. It then gets a little minty, with also some notes of camphor and turpentine, all that with a perfect balance and lots of vivacity after all these years in glass. A great bitterness (if you like that), with also lots of roasted Japanese tea (Hojicha). Don’t get me wrong, it’s still enjoyable, almost like an excellent 100 proof gin (if that exists). When the timber came to us it was painted white on one side and stained black on the other due to contact with the whisky. Needless to say it was the kid, seen off by my Elvis ‘Jailhouse Rock’ shirt (a real collector’s item I have to say), the debris of beer bottles that I intimidated him with, and when we compared notes at the end, the fact that I’d managed to include ‘Ian Dury’, ‘John Malkovich’, ‘The Helsinki marathon’, ‘Anthony and the Johnsons’, ‘Jim White’, ‘Seasonal Affective Disorder’, ‘Seal’ and ‘homemade Thai sausages’ into my jottings, compared to his ‘Coldplay’, ‘lemonade’ and ‘crisps’. Anyway we’re really here to see Husky Rescue, the latest big thing to hit the music scene from Finland (oh yes, and no surprises, the night is sponsored by Nokia, part of their Raw Tour series for ‘the best breakthrough acts of 2005’). Mouth: quite punchy, creamy, sweet, really full-bodied. Also lots of dried fruits, mastic candies, caramel… Recommended listening: The Bloody Irish Boys, 'a fast driven punk band inspired by the traditional Irish' does Streams of Whiskey.mp3. Dear reader, please buy The Bloody Irish Boys' music, so that they can afford some proper Irish whiskey! Alas, it’s also too woody and tannic, with also some burnt bread. Maybe it's because it reminds me of long gone times (Curved Air? The timber had spent the previous 60 or more years as large 6ft deep, 32,000 litre Blending Vats used in the production of “Highland Queen” Fine Old Scotch Whisky.The finish is long, peaty, earthy and most enjoyable, with a “come back later” taste. But this doesn’t smell whisky – nor Cognac, for that matter.

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