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Male patients with prostate cancer condition may experience an onset of gynecomastia if treated with therapy using androgen deprivation.Men who are overweight are more likely to develop enlarged breasts due to significant fat build-up in the chest as well as stomach area.

Don’t be intimidated by the names, you can always look up the names online to see if you’re on one or two of these: If you have an existing heart condition, taking calcium channel blocker medications like nifedipine, verapamil, and amlodipine, anabolic steroids, risperidone, opiods, alkylating agents, omeprazole, and efavirenz may also be triggers for gynecomastia.Kidney failure as a result of malnourishment in a male patient causes hormonal imbalances, my doctor said, because there is considerable damage in the testicles and suppressed testosterone production due to high urea levels, known as hypogonadism associated with uremia.Hypogonadism causes significant diminished functionality of the gonads (testes in the case of males), which in turn interferes with the production of testosterone.Additionally, males who are alcoholics and already have liver disease are at high risk to acquire gynecomastia because the ethanol is liable to disrupt testosterone synthesis.The phytoestrogens present in alcohol are also contributory to increasing the estrogen level higher than that of the testosterone.

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In older males, decreased production of testosterone and increased estrogen production due to acquired body fat can lead to excessive growth of breast tissue.. Some think that gynecomastia is caused by decreased estrogen production, an alteration of the estrogen to androgen ratio, a reduction in androgen production or combinations of these elements.

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