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Earlier, online was also abuzz with rumours of the actress getting close with her co-stars Arya and Prabhas.Online shops offers: Escentual 2 items for 160.00 - 190.00 2 items for 165.00 - 190.00 GBPFragrance UK 1 product for 171.62 GBPFragrance 1 product for 224.99 USDView products...and as Ive said before, if anyone is quibbling about any of the reformulated Amouage scents, not lasting an entire 24 hrs and more, and only lasting 12-18 hrs, I will say again, you have entirely too much time on your hands. opening 9.9/10 dry down 10/10 sillage 10/10 longevity 10/10 More versitile than most people are saying. A truly Beautiful, Interesting and Exotic fragrance from my current favourite house. Bu sayfada batılı kullanıcıların yoğunlukta olduğunu unutmayın. Defalarca denedim ve hep aklımda aynı şey olustu; harika bir parfüm oluşturma yolunda ilerleyen tasarımcı, yorulmuş ve bırakmış. Yoksa özellikle ofis ortamında arkadaşlarınızı yıpratırsınız. Aromatic and fragrantly sweet, it jumps off the skin and makes itself known immediately.

For those new to fragrantica and are seeking powerhouse fragrances, the IFRA in EU imposes sanctions on use of certain chemicals in perfumes and cosmetics which prevents most perfume houses from being able to reproduce the same quality and performance of their previous perfumes (vintage), so what you buy is a reformulated (watered down/weaker) version of what they previously had.

Its a love or hate and most people will go for the love.

I will never be without this beast of a fragrance as I have a full vintage bottle & a nearly full reformulated bottle. Its a complex mix of Smokey oudy leathery aroma with spices it blends in to explode around you.

My favourite fragrance ever, a real masterpiece but definetely not for everyone: on my skin is not overly incense or oregano or too spicy, it settles down deep and sweet. Scent 10/10 Uniqueness 10/10 Performance 10/10 Compliment 8/10 Overall 10/10 Beautiful but heavy. Lot of smoke, a lot of wood - but expertly and elegantly done. It does however smell like pickles while it's in the bottle. I'm now debating between this and Cape Heartache because there's a sale and they cost the same at the moment.

If the superlative JXXV didn't exist, I would be wearing this in its place. But on my skin it becomes this incense, resinous, woody and spicy concoxtion that reminds me of something by Andy Tauer, maybe Incense? I have smelled this one in a niche parfumary while buying one of my frags, they gave me 1 ml sample to try.

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