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They had parked discreetly but made sure that they had a good view of the house very early that morning which gave some explanation for the gently sleepy wheeze escaping rhythmically from Hailey. Brenda had been so fraught that Hailey had offered to accompany her this time. "We can't wait here forever I suppose." Hailey perked up in her seat. Besides, I need a pee." Neither of the women spoke as they approached the house. Her home that she hadn't lived in for more than six months since the day that Jake's Aunt had arrived. Jake had contacted her earlier in the week to say that his Aunt had finally left. For four days Brenda had sat watching carefully for signs of Jake's Aunt. Other than the occasional sight of Jake on an errand or the local mail man she saw no other visitors. "She can't be there 'Babes'," Hailey had said, but Brenda was still not convinced and so it was only with Hailey's encouragement that Brenda was willing to even consider going to the house. "Hey, isn't this why I came with you so that I could use my commando training to save the day," Hailey said in a jocular manner. Hailey had come to her aid when she had first made up her mind to distance herself from Jake's intimidating relative. Worried that she too would be drawn into whatever it was that Phoebe had planned."It'll be like being on a secret mission," Hailey said. " "Just after nine." Hailey ran her left hand across her face and drank from the water bottle that was resting in her lap. Hailey had visited the house many times in what Brenda would have seen as better times and checked over the house as she approached and could see no real difference."We'll get him back from the evil Aunt's clutches," she laughed. But she had no wish to be faced by Aunt Phoebe once more. Although Hailey was not exactly sure what changes she was expecting, but as they approached she became nervous for some reason.Jake caught sight of Hailey and appeared taken aback by her prescience.Brenda sensed a sudden nervousness in Jake's demeanour.Time seemed to stand still for another moment, before Hailey brushed past Brenda. Brenda stood for a while longer before moving slowly towards the lounge and passed Jake in the doorway.

He appeared to be slightly gaunt to Brenda's eyes but his smile seemed genuine.As she bowed her head she realised that she was wearing a necklace.Brenda was not one for jewellery and raised her hand to touch the article.Another gasp left her lips as she felt a new sensation as she ran her hand across the shaven area, withdrawing it instantly.But she returned her hand to the newly shaven skin and felt herself shudder pleasurably.

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As she held the weight of the jewel in her hands she felt a sudden warmth building within her abdomen.

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