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But if the vesicles were still intact, the odds are it will be positive if HSV is the cause.I hope the specimen was also tested for VZV (shingles).Caffeine isn't known to affect herpes recurrences or severity.(Same for stress, by the way--despite common "wisdom" that stress can trigger outbreaks.) For oral herpes due to HSV-1, other illnesses clearly trigger outbreaks (hence the names fever blister and cold sore), and so do other local injuries, like sunburn.

If you and your partner had oral sex, you could have acquired a genital HSV-1 infection regardless of his prior virginity.The comments that follow are based on my clinical judgment; there are no data that permit definite answers to your questions.That said, the answers depend in large part on whether it's HSV-1 or HSV-2.HHH, MD are there other HSV types that can infect normal skin as opposed to the genitals or mouth?I ask because I wonder if I have some type of HSV that has infected my leg that was not contracted through sexual contact.

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