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There are references to Humboldt throughout his work, he translated an unpublished treatise of his “On the American Verb System” and regarded him as founder of “the Philosophy of Language” (Brinton 1890, p. Yet what he and his followers understood by this term was confined largely to the methodological principles that governed Humboldt’s typological and comparative studies and excluded essential dimensions and the actual philosophical concerns expressed in his writings.A similar process of partial appropriation has been characteristic also of the philosophers who paid serious attention to Humboldt’s views, such as Ernst Cassirer (1923–29), Martin Heidegger (1927, 1959), and more recently Bruno Liebrucks (1965), Hans-Georg Gadamer (1960, 1965, 1972), and Jürgen Habermas (1985, 1988, 1991).It is quite misleading to associate the term “Humboldtian linguistics” or “Humboldtian philosophy of language” with any one specific direction, for example with the Whorfian thesis of “linguistic relativity” or with Chomsky’s opposite notion of a universalist “generative grammar” because these tend to ignore other equally or more important dimensions of Humboldt’s work.After his death in 1835 his linguistic work was effectively disregarded by mainstream linguists in Germany whose primary interest was focused on the Indo-European language group.For Humboldt had in effect produced, on the basis of his extensive study of the world’s different writing systems past and present, a comprehensive theory of writing that does not fit into the rubrics of phonocentrism or eurocentrism.Writing constituted in his view an essential part of language, the material embodiment of the specific formative principle a language employs to construct meaning rather than being the mere representational mirror of speech.

It has to be noted that this French reception resulted largely from the personal contacts and scholarly exchanges that he maintained with a number of prominent French linguists such as Jean-François Champollion, Jean-Pierre Abel-Rémusat, Eugène Jacquet, and Eugène Burnouf.Yet Humboldt’s French reception, while including some of his important linguistic studies, all but omitted their philosophical concerns and underlying principles.Typical is the review of Humboldt’s groundbreaking treatise from 1827, “On the Dual” that appeared in the , I: 378–381 (1829), where the reviewer blended out entirely the philosophical intent and key argument of the piece (Ibid.Humboldt’s father was of German middle class background whose family had been granted the status of nobility with the title of “Freiherr” (Baron) in 1738 whereas his mother (maiden name de Colomb) was of middle class, mainly French Huguenot and German-Scottish extraction.Neither Wilhelm nor his younger brother Alexander (1769–1859) ever attended a public primary or secondary school.

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