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Improbably, George (whom we can only assume is straight) complains about this, only to prompt her poke her head into the shower while he's there.

Meanwhile, there's cocky Alex who mocks her modeling days and she gets even by stripping in front of him.

I think it is a tease to debut with her in bra and panties but only to tease us later.

Everyone, for example, expected her to have a second flash of her milky skin and baby face looks in the episode with the party.

I can even overlook that fact it features Patrick Dempsey, an actor I've disdained--pre or post rhinoplasty.

It takes place in Seattle, a city in which I once lived and continue to love, so it makes me feel connected to that particular place.

The hospital of this program is populated with women with chips on their shoulders and men who are bastards until these women set them straight.

In one particular episode a rape victim is callously dismissed by the surgeons until the intern reminds them that she has a name--the ol' new-girl-teaches-the old-farts compassion trick.

Expect not to see her blossom but the writers may try to get her to act against type as she has by posing in her skivvies.

but that's also what keeps us watching : constant drama.

But it's getting a bit long, favorite caractors leaving and meredith staying she was one of the caractors i least liked and we r stuck with only her -_-. its a great show but i miss the way the show used to be...

If Izzie is so concerned about being taken seriously by the hospital crowd then why is she so contemptuously undressed in front of George, someone who could be her ally, yet offended by Alex's motivations?

I guess you're asking yourself why I watch this show if it bothers me like this, and the answer is that otherwise it can be engaging.

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