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He clapped one of the other executives on the shoulder, telling them he needed to go home.Ted wished he could have discussed these problems with someone, but the word would have gotten around the office like a wildfire.She knew he'd have too many martinis and come home around or so, a little drunk and complaining that he was too old for that, and then falling asleep on the couch.She didn't mind though, Ted had been under a lot of stress. She just wished he could be a little busier in the sex department.Elizabeth was happily unaware of her husband's concerns, although she was just that moment thinking about him.The beautiful young woman glanced at the clock next to her bed and smiled.That was how Liz thought of it; she'd never dreamt of bestiality in her life until one day when Achilles had nosed her bare pussy. " she commanded and the dog eagerly leapt onto the bed Elizabeth shared with her dedicated husband.She'd been sunbathing nude in the privacy of their deck, lounging near the pool as she liked to do during the lazy days of a hot summer. If he only knew, Liz thought with a grin, feeling terribly wicked as the dog straddled her face, letting his swollen and now dripping cock slip from its sheath to touch her hungry lips.

She'd cling to Ted like a devoted wife should and give him no reason to doubt her fidelity. But still, she was only 23 and fully a dozen years younger than her husband.The man's mind worried over this constantly, imagining his wife - the woman who belonged to him - in the arms of another man. He'd resisted confronting Elizabeth, hoping some logical explanation would present itself.If he were to force the issue and create a scene, and then find out he'd been mistaken, that could be almost as embarrassing as finding out he was right. Ted finished his third martini, having considered all this while his friends talked office politics, and then rose, dropping some money on the bar.Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual, Oral Sex, Petting, Bestiality, .Desc: Erotica Sex Story: When Ted discovers that his new trophy wife is cheating on him, he's ready to throw the bitch out of his life..he's in for a surprise.

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