Excel screenupdating not working

For more depth see Install a Macro or User Defined Function on my Formula page.

Speed and efficiency considerations can be seen in Proper, and other Text changes and in Slow Response. Generally to activate things you have changed the underlying formats. Also available on the code\page are Sep Last Name for people's names, Sep Last Word uses Str Reverse new in Excel 2000, Last Word function uses Str Reverse, resubstr function using VBA Script.

The cells to the right of the first column will be verified as empty or containing only spaces. Screen Updating = False End Sub A worksheet function solution maintaining two columns, one with the original data and one with the rearrangement.

Sub Join() 'David Mc Ritchie 1998-08-05 [Ctrl j] documented in ' cells in selected portion of a row together 'can be used as a reversal of Data/Test2cols or Sep Term() Application. Calculation = xl Calculation Manual On Error Resume Next Dim i Rows as Long, m Row as Long, ir as Long, ic as Long i Rows = Selection. You could, of course, eliminate the dependence with copy, the Edit, paste special, values and then eliminate the original column.

US zipcodes do not begin with two zeros, but a medication has been made for someone using 3 digit numbers for other countries and the Caribbean.

After running macro suggest formatting the column as TEXT and remove any cell alignment. Calculation = xl Automatic 'xl Calculation Automatic Application.

Special Cells(xl Constants, 2) 'trim text cells cell. Special Cells(xl Constants, xl Text Values)) If Len(cell) = 8 Then 'as in 555-1212 cell. Value) End If Next cell 'On Error Resume Next -- continues in effect For Each cell In Intersect(Selection, _ Selection. If you selected an entire row for instance your data would be so far to the right that it would take you awhile to find it. This macro was written to normalize a spreadsheet that could best be views sideways and had rotated cells that became available in XL97. ", vb OKCancel, "Question") If i 1 Then Go To done Selection. Can also be used to separate a term from a definition. The next column will be tested that it contains a blank. This will leave the original column and the two new columns wns will be dependent on the original.

Special Cells(xl Constants, xl Numbers)) If cell Revers I() can be used to reverse the order of items in a row, column, or range. Applied to a SINGLE ROW, the macro will flip about a vertical axis, or a horizontal axis for a column; otherwise, it really isn't a flip. If you select a range of columns and rows the item in the upper left will reappear in the lower right corner. Until rewritten arrangement or presence of cells not in selection is undefined. Count If n Rows 256 Then Go To done n Rows = Input Box("Specify number of rows, suggesting " & n Rows, _ "Selection of Number of rows to Rotate", Selection. Count) n Rows = n Rows 1 'adjustment for inserts For i = n Rows To 2 Step -1 Rows(1). A check will be made that no cells contain data in the adjacent column to the right, but you can override this. Row If m Row 0 Then i Answer = Msg Box("Found non-blank in adjacent column -- " _ & Selection. You can remove the dependency by using copy and paste special value. for street numbers (leftmost word): =LEFT(TRIM(CLEAN(SUBSTITUTE(A1, CHAR(160)," "))), SEARCH(" ", TRIM(CLEAN(SUBSTITUTE(A1, CHAR(160)," "))))-1) for street names (remainder): =RIGHT(TRIM(CLEAN(SUBSTITUTE(A1, CHAR(160)," "))), LEN(TRIM(CLEAN(SUBSTITUTE(A1, CHAR(160), " "))))-SEARCH(" ", TRIM(CLEAN(SUBSTITUTE(A1, CHAR(160)," "))))) Finding out what you actually have -- it may not be what it looks like (#debugformat) Formatting: Check what the cell was formatted for with Format, cells and look at the format.

Only the 5 digit zipcodes are a problem because they get interpreted as a number and get leading zeros stripped.The fix USzip5 subroutine will repair the damage generally introduced by the Text to Data wizard or by software converting a scanned image to an Excel file.Canadian zip codes are unaffected because they are not numeric.The formula or text may be reentered by hitting F2 (activate cell and formula bar) then Enter, which is fine for individual cells. Calculation = xl Calculation Automatic 'pre XL97 xl Automatic Application. If you are not getting the results you want reread an earlier topic: Finding out what you actually have -- it may not be what it looks like.Another manual technique is the Replace (Ctrl H) all equal signs (=) by equal signs. Screen Updating = True End Sub Sub Re Enter F2() ' successfully will reenter email addresses Dim cell As Range, rng As Range, rng2 Dim tcells As Long, ix As Long Set rng = Intersect(Selection, Active Sheet. To manually remove Char(160) manually see Keying in a Non-breaking space CHAR(160).

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