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" Lena chuckled softly, although there was a little worry in her tone. It was pictures and explanations not, not other stuff! She says she knows about a thousand ways to kill someone, and has used some of them. " Lena raised an eyebrow, and then laughed at the look of horror on the other girl's face, "It's okay, I'm only teasing. But I don't know about you, but I'm not in a hurry to go anywhere." Kara smiled, "Me neither." Lena returned the smile, glanced at her bedside clock and then sighed, "And by that, I mean I don't want to go anywhere, but I really have too. Kara had been so nervous and focused on doing a good job, and not to hurt Lena, that she hadn't really got a good look at Lena's body while frantically removing her clothes and then worshipping her body.

I would never, I mean I did but it was an accident and I apologized and we were good and I didn't do it this time and that was one kiss and..." Kara rambled before being cut off by a sweet pair of lips. She kind of reminds me of that guy who dresses like a bat and is one of Superman's best friends. I've got a meeting in less than two hours which I really can't skip, and I'd like sometime to prepare for it." "Me too." Kara grumbled. "Excellent." Lena beamed, reluctantly beginning to get up before adding, "Mind if I shower first? She didn't get a great look at it when they were pressed together, or even when Lena got out of bed without a stitch of clothing on and walked into her bathroom.

But she just about managed it, instead just returning the smile in greeting. Just give me a minute and I'll finish up." Lena beamed.

"No problem." Kara smiled, then about a minute later asked, "Do you have anything to-" Before Kara could even finish her sentence Lena opened a drawer in her desk and placed a bowl of candy on top of it, all without looking away from the screen.

Ever since then Lena kept some snacks in her draw to keep Kara occupied, proving just what a wonderful person she was, and how lucky Kara was to have her in her life. have you ever been with someone, and it always feels like they're hiding something from you? "What am I talking about, of course you do." Lena corrected herself. I can tell everyone's just waiting for the other shoe to drop. You'd be foolish not too." "I'm not a fool." Kara said softly, but firmly, reaching out to hold Lena's hand, "I'm not waiting for the other shoe to drop, because I know there is no shoe. I truly believe that." Lena blushed slightly, "My mother would call you a fool." "She's the fool for not knowing how wonderful you are." Kara insisted, squeezing Lena's hand, and wishing she could do more. And as for the mystery, trust me, that's more of an annoyance at this point." "Really? "Really." Lena confirmed, then after another pause added, "Honestly I wish she'd just look me in the eye and tell me the truth. " Another pause and then Kara pointed out, "You could get hurt." "I'm a Luthor. Which I know isn't super reassuring, but you're just going to have to trust me, okay? So good that Kara was left questioning her own happiness with it.

Cosplay Erotica is all about cosplay which is short for "costume play".

European models do photo sets and videos in different costumes while getting naked.

So for the next few minutes Supergirl was practically Voldemort. You know, not like, pictures and detailed descriptions, just... " "Well..." Lena began, pausing to bite her lip before admitting, "The other night, she totally used my love of Aladdin against me and took me flying. " Lena looked genuinely startled there for a second, then frowned, "Kara promised not to tell you." "I know... You can't just expect her not to be after you say something like that." "I suppose that's true." Lena admitted, sounding annoyed, "But it's no big deal, really." "Really? "Well..." Lena hesitated, and then when that clearly upset Supergirl she quickly added, "It's not life-threatening, and I'm not in trouble.

Lena smiled bashfully, "I suppose you could say that." "Oh, tell me more." Kara grinned, fishing for compliments, "I want details. the gist of it." With a smirk Lena quipped, "Interesting choice of words." Kara frowned, "What? I'd been in her arms before when she was saving me, but this was really a chance to enjoy it. But she waited until the third date, like a good gentlewoman, and wow. It's just..." There was a pause for a few seconds which felt like an eternity, then Lena got up and motioned for Kara to join her on the couch, and Kara did so, but blurted out along the way, "What is it Lena?

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Cisco was supposed to open a portal to the ship, but he was off by a couple feet and I kind of, sort of, crashed into them a little bit. But then Amaya got mad at me for being cruel to animals." "Is that the friend who tutored you about sex? Knowing this would be her last for a while Lena cupped the back of Supergirl's head, ensuring that it would last, before reluctantly pulling back, "See you later." "Later." Kara beamed, disentangling herself from the other woman and slowly walking backwards. " Lena blurted out just before Supergirl was obviously going to make her exit, "If you see Kara, remind her we have a lunch date.

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