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She said she did not reach out to any of Jackie’s friends, alleged attackers or other survivors Jackie mentioned to Erdely, claiming she did not have their contact information or Jackie had told Rolling Stone they did not want to speak with the magazine.

Another point of issue was whether to reach out to “Drew,” who was also identified as “Jay” by Jackie.

She has since married; she was dating her now-husband at the time the article was written, according to her deposition.

Throughout much of the testimony, Jackie said she was unable to remember details of her correspondence with many people due to post-traumatic stress disorder.

“She didn’t know the answer five times.” In reference to Erdely’s earlier testimony, Locke asked Erdely if she had any ill will or malice toward Eramo, to which Erdely responded she did not.

Before the jury heard from Jackie, Erdely, the author of the article, took the stand for the third day.After all, a reporter who faked details in one or two stories might well have done so in others.To TNR’s credit, they promptly performed an exhaustive, line-by-line review of each of Glass’s stories over the years and laid bare the gruesome results for the world to see, exposing that the infractions for which Glass was eventually caught were only the tip of the iceberg, and that fabulist reporting by Glass was the rule, not the exception.One of Garber-Paul’s notes said, “Is this too mean?” next to a doctored photograph of Eramo, depicting her with a crying woman in front of her and student activists outside the window behind her.

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At the time of the article, Jackie was an active student — a member of the advocacy group One Less, a co-founder of Students Helping Honduras and a volunteer with Madison House, according to her deposition.

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