Eclipse not validating jsp

By doing this, individual projects will be validated depending on the current selected option.

It can be Manual, Build, and the selectable Settings.

You can avoid showing this dialog by checking Always save all modified resources automatically prior to validating in the dialog window.

View image at full size If the build operation takes a long time, you might want to disable some of the validators.

You can enable or disable Manual validation: In both cases, the resources will be validated or not, depending on your selection.

It is important to notice that not all of the validators must be enabled in order to validate your application.

Verifies that enterprise beans contained in an EJB project comply with the Oracle Enterprise Java Beans Specifications, depending on the level of the bean.Through this mechanism, interoperability is checked by validating a WSDL file against WS-I profiles.The XML validator ensures that an XML file is well-formed.Determines whether the current state of a DTD is semantically valid.XML files are validated according to the XML specification Extensible Markup Language (XML) 1.0 from the W3C Web site.

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