Dr phil s advice regarding sex and dating

Additionally, talk to her about her self-worth and help her build the confidence she needs to remember that her own self-worth is more important than how others perceive her.

He will learn compromise, friendship, love and respect when you are good role models of each. Do this by praising her good behavior, disciplining her when she misbehaves, treating her with respect and trusting her.Explain to your teen why you do not want him having sex, advises Dr. Do not just tell him you don’t want him to have sex; instead, explain your reasoning behind it.Use examples, such as the statistics behind teen pregnancy, the risks of STDs, the risk of his reputation and the emotional meaning of engaging in intercourse.Tell your daughter to invite her date in so you can meet him, to be respectful and to thank her date if he pays.Although the list is a long one, the aforementioned approaches to dating are just a few on a list of many; the bottom line is that your teen respects his date and his date's personal boundaries.

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Gail Saltz, a psychiatrist at the New York Presbyterian Hospital.

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