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W dramacie biograficznym Richarda Attenborough Chaplin (1992) z Robertem Downeyem Jr.wystąpił w roli hollywoodzkiego operatora filmowego Rolanda Herberta Totheroha.The actors, who co-star in the forthcoming Return To Me, were tailed by a story hungry photographer who spotted them driving around Malibu in separate cars before meeting up for a coffee and going to the flicks.Driver, who suffered the indignity of being dumped by Matt Damon while he was doing a television interview, recently got engaged to Josh Brolin, son of James.Duchovny meanwhile has a new daughter with his wife actress Tea Leoni.Return to Me is a 2000 American romantic comedy-drama film directed by Bonnie Hunt and starring David Duchovny and Minnie Driver.

Był narratorem i gospodarzem serialu Showtime Pamiętnik Czerwonego Pantofelka (Red Shoe Diaries, 1992-99). Otrzymał tytuł Master of Arts na wydziale literatury angielskiej na Uniwersytecie Yale.Pojawił się w dwóch scenach jako gość na przyjęciu w komediodramacie Mike'a Nicholsa Pracująca dziewczyna (Working Girl, 1988) z Harrisonem Fordem, Sigourney Weaver i Melanie Griffith.Although they are both unaware of the connection they have through Elizabeth's heart, Bob and Grace begin to date.As they grow closer together, Grace is reluctant to tell Bob about her medical history.

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Duchovny był wegetarianem, a w 2007 roku przeszedł na pescowegetarianizm.

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