Dating violence in michigan

Violence includes those acts that result from a power relationship, including threats and intimidation, neglect or acts of omission.Such non-physical violence has a broad range of outcomes – including psychological harm, deprivation and maldevelopment.Economic violence includes attacks by larger groups motivated by economic gain – such as attacks carried out with the purpose of disrupting economic activity, denying access to essential services, or creating economic division and fragmentation.

Globally, violence resulted in the deaths of an estimated 1.28 million people in 2013 up from 1.13 million in 1990.

The 'war on drugs', for example, rather than increasing the health and well-being of at risk demographics, most often results in violence committed against these vulnerable demographics through incarceration, stigmatization and police brutality War is fought as a means of resolving territorial and other conflicts, as war of aggression to conquer territory or loot resources, in national self-defence or liberation, or to suppress attempts of part of the nation to secede from it.

We know also ideological, religious and revolutionary wars.

The former group includes forms of violence such as child abuse, intimate partner violence and abuse of the elderly.

The latter includes youth violence, random acts of violence, rape or sexual assault by strangers, and violence in institutional settings such as schools, workplaces, prisons and nursing homes.

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