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Aleksandra Piecze, pictured before her makeover, did just that'We've also recently launched a mentoring service, pairing some of our most successful members who are also professional beauty experts, stylists and confidence coaches with beautiful hopefuls who don't know how to improve their looks.'Many people write us off as a heartless, lookist dating community that exists to alienate the aesthetically disadvantaged. We want to encourage people to make the best of themselves.'We get more excited about successful transformation stories than any other application and our members who transform themselves tell us how our rejection letter was the best thing that could have ever happened to them - and that we've positively enhanced their lives.' Mr Hodge added: 'It pains me because I'm British, but our combined lack of effort with profile pictures, our pub culture, lack of grooming and lack of active lifestyles, are seeing us plummet to the bottom of the pile.

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Since its launch in 2003, the site has rejected 7.5 million applicants.

However, more than one in four refused to accept defeat and made dramatic changes to their appearance in the hope of being accepted.

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I worked out 7 times a week for 9 months now and I simply enjoy my transformation as much the attention and interest from others that I get.' Greg Hodge, managing director of Beautiful, said: 'Because there are no limits to the number of times a rejected applicant can attempt to re-apply, it is not unusual for us to see three, four or sometimes more than 20 attempts to get through our very stringent voting-in process.

Speaking about her transformation, Kelly O’Donnell, a nutrional consultant from Canada, said: 'After reaching 200lbs I knew my life had to change.

It has been suggested that I train as a sex slave..say it peaks my attention! Long time CD, but too nervous, so far, to venture out.

I'm tall, slender build, great legs, with hazel eyes. Went to a local mall the end of August 2015 on a weekend and again on a weekend the 1st weekend in September..scary and exciting.

“The Real Matchmaker emerged because I felt a commitment to serve clients that went far beyond matchmaking.

When you choose us as your matchmaker, you are asking us to administer your love life as the agent of your heart, your time and your energy... It is this duty of responsibility to our clients that underlies every aspect of our service.” « Jessie Kay, CEO and Founder Tell Us About Your Dating Style to Begin!

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