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The theme is Employee Engagement and the Role of Space. Around 80 members participated in the event, and several hundred watched the live stream. As a result, the workplace and the workforce will change, too.

New technologies enable agile and hybrid ways of working, which gives rise to a number of challenges and opportunities for companies and organisations.

Internship positions are available in all four of our research units: CIFS has collaborated with engineering and electronics firm Brüel & Kjær to develop three reports that look at key trends in future product development, with a focus on sound and vibration.

The reports are the results of a larger, ongoing project that looks at how new technology and changing value sets and business models change product design across sectors and how organisations must adapt to these changes.

With a basis in the coverage of a live wrestling event, this issue’s main article asks the question: Are we heading towards a state of society where the value of actions is primarily measured by the emotional effect they can produce?

Yet, there are also signs that point to a more positive future, for instance when it comes to economic growth.The report provides and overview of the technological development as well as inspiration for how you, as a decision-maker in a company or organisation, can use it to your advantage.Read Smart Society (requires login) This issue looks at floating cities, information warfare, the future of tax, earning eternal life, mixed realities, drone hives, unmanned aerial aid, AI predicting lifespan, automated shipping and much more…Society must be understood as “self-stressing, constantly forwardrushing worry systems,” says the German philosophical superstar, Peter Sloterdijk – and stress, in his terms, is not something that breaks us down.In fact, it is what makes everything stick together and trains us to better overcome challenges.

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