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A more desirable location was sought, and a point on a ridge running east to west across the county, and reputed to be the highest point in the county, was eventually selected.This ridge divided the county into two sections: to the north were rolling hills and fertile lands with large and prosperous plantations; south of the ridge, the terrain was relatively flat, covered with pine trees in a sandy soil which made farming a precarious method of making a living.In reality, only modest amounts of coal were ever mined from the Deep River deposits and little manufacturing capacity was introduced in the area.However, the plank road had reached the western edge of the county by the end of 1851.The substantial size and relative architectural sophistication of some of the buildings reflect the town's comparative prosperity which derived from its role as the county seat, as a market town for the surrounding plantations and farms, and as the location of the county's principal manufacturing enterprise during much of the period of significance.This was the Tyson and Kelly (later Tyson and Jones) Buggy Company, established in the mid 1850s, which employed skilled workers such as blacksmiths, wheelwrights, trimmers, upholsterers, and painters.

[Robinson — pp.92, 95) By the early 1790s, the Faginsville site was determined to be unsuitable for the county seat, largely because of its remoteness from the major areas of settlement and from any roads passing through the region.

[Robinson — pp.103-104: Carthage General Plan — p.43; Wellman — p.12] In 1796, approximately sixty acres were laid out around a public square for the courthouse, and the new seat was named Carthage.

Sixty-four lots, in groups of four, were marked off in a grid pattern radiating from the square for a distance of two blocks in each direction.

The Carthage Historic District was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1992.

Portions of the content on this web page were adapted from a copy of the original nomination document.

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[Wellman — p.17] Even as the pine woods of southern Moore County were providing the timbers for construction of the plank road, coal deposits were discovered on both sides of the Deep River which runs through the northeastern part of the county.

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