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But fighting and breaking up with Jack seemed scary. Jack loathed the hustle of NYC and said I’d have to move out West if we were to be together. But then I realized that my life was not a Taylor Swift song from 2004.

The question arose: could we be friends again after that? He also insisted I leave behind my metropolitan wardrobe. Yet even if I accepted those magnificent mountains in view as my landscape, the picture of my future still included a Pinterest-style wedding, two kids, and a colonial house with plush white sofas and a china cabinet. The idea of it all was exhilarating and the shock factor was certainly there; but once that wore off, I’d still be in a relationship with someone who was already living out his dream, solo. Brooke Sager is a contributing writer for Thrillist.

I know what he meant, but the following is why I hope if when the day comes, my daughter selects a cowboy rather than a boy. A cowboy takes risks every day, but they are calculated risks backed by a skill set.

A boy respects only those who can offer something in return. A cowboy will do whatever it takes to support his family and take care of the land and the animals in which he has been entrusted. You might also like: A Calving Checklist: Everything You Need To Know (& Have) Before Calving True Or False: Animal Agriculture Uses 80% Of All Antibiotics Do You Like Wind Turbines?

In my time of ambivalence, I fell for the pursuits of my best friend of eight years, Jack, who had moved out to Wyoming to live life as a wrangler. When I visited Jack out in Wyoming, I was awestruck by the idyllic scenery and notion of it all, and dutifully walked around with a notebook and pen the whole time. But after a certain amount of energy and time, discussing long-term goals eventually isn’t too aggressive. I missed the boat on that and suffered dearly for it.

Whether you're a cowboy or a simple cowgirl, match up completely free with singles that would love to go horseback riding, dancing, hiking, or maybe just out for a picnic in a special spot.

Most importantly, using our free app you will meet people that love and understand your country lifestyle and share your values, and we all know cowboys have that special gentlemen’s charm. Create an account by logging in with Facebook or using your email address2.

But the rodeo is the best date you’ll ever go on, period. The stars at night are so big and bright in Texas, they even wrote a song about it. Have you ever gone on a date where the girl picks at lettuce all night?

Your early 20s: the perfect age for dating clichéd men and women in order to learn valuable life lessons. At the time, I was an uninspired beauty editor in NYC looking to discover beauty in something bigger.

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