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Here is the text of their less than useful reply: Dear xxxxxxxxxx Thank you for your email received on 3/4/10. I regret that we cannot issue you with a GB licence as you are no longer resident in this country.As you now live in France , I would suggest you contact your local driver licensing authority with a view to exchanging your entitlement.If you wish us to forward you a certificate giving your driving licence details, which may be of assistance to you, please contact our switchboard on 01792 782341 available Monday to Friday 8.15am to 4.30pm.If you make the operator aware that you are calling from abroad your call will be prioritised accordingly. The Bodleian received 55 items, including a manuscript of the Laches (LDAB 3836), written probably less than a century after Plato's death. Grenfell bought the second part of the roll one year later and sold it also to the Library in 1896, together with other papyri, which he had found and bought in the Fayum. From 1900 to 1923 the Egypt Exploration Fund distributed papyri of the great finds at Bahnasa to subscribing institutions. Other papyri from Petrie's excavation in Gurob arrived in 1895; they were taken from mummy cartonnage and divided between the British Museum, Trinity College Dublin and the Bodleian.Get the renewed license sent to a relatives house or a friends.It is no longer a legal requirement to change to a French License unless you collect enough points, Or get banned in France.

I still do not know what the legal position is once my photocard has expired, but it would look as though I am being invited to and take a French driving test. Could it be that our reciprocal agreement has been subtly changed (to our detriment) by the introduction of the photo card?

You can still get stopped by Gendarmes that seem to think you need a French License just nod smile and ignore them.

Between this section and the Spain section there are quite a few threads on License renew etc.

I emailed the DVLA to ask them what we should do about getting the cards renewed, given that we have now sold the house which is shown as our UK address.

I also asked whether we were still legal to drive in France if our photocards had expired, given that the paper licence says our entitlement is up to our 70th birthdays.

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