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For the first time, men, women and minorities worked together side by side.Services such as health insurance and child care were initiated in industry to improve worker's health, productivity and retention.This is the San Diego Flight Museum, a collection of living, breathing, howling Warbirds.They maintain and fly these historic aircraft on a regular basis.Another seven are mounted on pedestals around the base, including the F-16B, F-86E, F-104A, NF-104A, P-59B, T-33A, and T-38A.Eventually, museum visitors will view a number of other rare aircraft on display.

This project was made possible by a grant for building upgrades from the Economic Development Agency and the city of Alameda.The purpose of the museum is to preserve for the benefit and inspiration of future generations and to leave a historic legacy.Society and industry were changed forever by the sweeping impacts of the World War II build-up.Labor and government worked together to provide to the fleet overhauled aircraft and engines achieving unheard of production records.People moved here from all over the country in unprecedented numbers to seek industrial production jobs. The Air Station had 45,000 personnel at its peak in 1945 when the city of Alameda had only 25,000 residents.

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