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The abuse of children is so routine that local newspapers barely cover it.“Its levels of depravity,” explains Irishman Kevin Doyle, editor of the Cambodia Daily.I then walked into my room frowning still feeling uncomfortable. I picked out a shirt and jeans then went back into the bathroom to go pee since my bladder was practically bursting. “That stuff makes you fat,” I said walking past him to the cupboards reaching for the bowls. I sighed leaning away from the sink turning the water on along with the garbage disposal pouring some Lisol in it to make it smell better and disinfected. The sink was too far away (only a couple feet) but I could only stumbled backwards into the dishwasher hearing acracking sound then the sound of me vomiting all over the place. After another few minutes I was done and started cleaning up quickly frowning at the few broken dishes and the now broken dishwasher. After I did my business I got changed and groaned feeling the jeans extra tight around my thighs and butt. “That’s what you get for burping in my face,” I sighed tiredly. My dad would make me go to cheerleading anyways so why bother telling him I was sick? I sighed shaking my head walking upstairs quickly getting in the shower feeling another lurch in my stomach as the hot water hit me. Today, with tourism increasing by 30 percent a year and many cops, judges and politicians on the take, the illegal sex trade is booming.

Her eyes boggled and then she ran with me to the end of the lockers in a small closet up a hidden staircase into an old storage room yanking me by my wrist.

I sighed in relief as the nausea slightly stopped sitting down on the tiles flushing away the vomit before I could look at it and become sick again. I was confused and trying to think made my head hurt.

Sitting down made me uncomfortable for some reason. I pulled my jeans off slipping on yoga pants instead. I opened it and inside was a plastic waterbottle a cheeleading outfit, new socks, new sneakers, and some hair ties and bobby pins.

I walked to my glass dumping it in the sink with the running water then putting it in the dishwasher. I didn’t get sick since there was nothing left in my stomach but my migraine worsend. I walked those painful blocks getting to the building leaning against the wall.

I stood back up turning to get my plate when Josh smirked and burped in my face again. I got out a few minutes later getting changed once again heading downstairs with an awful stomachache and headache. It had gotten hot outside and I was feeling the nausea creep back. But then they would call my dad and he would completely freak.

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After a decade during which Cambodia earned a shameful reputation as a haven for pedophiles, anti-trafficking campaigners have recently begun to grow teeth.

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