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The next exercise in class was a game, what I’m calling “visual telephone”.One person starts by writing a short non-sensical sentence.Monica's new baby girl doesn't know it yet, but she's already met half of the entertainment industry.If everyone who rubbed and loved her mommy's belly gave her a bit of their talent, then she's destined to be a star.Although beforehand, I picked out the most offensive cards from the deck, because even though they are funny in the context of the game, I’m not willing to sanction drawing racist, violent, or sexual themes in a classroom setting.(Sorry, Max Temkin.) We spent the last 15 minutes or so of the hour long session free drawing from the selected cards and giggling over what everyone was drawing.

I did this because I’ve been wanting to find the time to draw more, to revisit what I learned in four years of art school, and to practice my speaking skills.

Person three writes a sentence based off the drawing, then passes along to the next person so they can draw the newest sentence, as so forth.

Throughout the chain of people the original sentence invariably becomes mangled to hilarious result.

Most importantly, you save the risks of ending up with suspicious-looking cuisines on unadventurous days. China on the World Map Since 2008 Beijing Olympics, China has grabbed the world’s attention.

With the highly-anticipated 2010 Shanghai World Expo, and frequent news on the global economical impact of China, it is no doubt that China holds one of the most prominent spots on the World Map. Most Common Language Chinese is the most commonly spoken language in the world.

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China has nearly three decades consecutive double-digit growth, the biggest foreign exchange reserves, largest consumer market and world’s favourite destination for FDI (foreign direct investments). So,you should learn Chinese for business for your business. Travel/Tour China is the fourth most visited countries in the world with 49.6 million inbound international visitors in 2006.

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