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Remember, I Only when I realized, despite my diet which rigorously adhered to formal recommendations and my 3 to 4 hours of exercise per day, that even I was getting too fat for comfort, did I begin to question the Conventional Wisdom of why we get fat.

Of course, not everyone (fortunately) was born with my level of genetic susceptibility to insulin resistance (stated another way, not everyone is born with my level of carbohydrate sensitivity).

In other words, overweight people are not the lazy, constantly grazing, weak-willed individuals many in the mainstream have led us to believe.

They just eat the wrong foods (rather than simply too much food).

Earlier this year 30-year-old Whitney Thore got the world’s attention with a video of herself cutting a rug.

Low-carbohydrate diets have been popularized periodically since the 19th century.

Best-selling book after best-selling book promoted them.

And can someone with PCOS be 380 pounds and still be healthy?

We did AL LOT of research and here are our findings.

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