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introduce modern constitutionalism into the Kingdom; however, this attempt did not go beyond the proposal phase.

However, many of the country's government ministries, agencies and welfare administrations were developed during King Fisal's reign (1964-1975); the Ministry of Justice is a case in point, having been established by King Faisal in 1970.

Several Royal Orders have been issued amending these constitutional documents, including the Council of Ministers Law, in order to coincide with Saudi Arabia's constitutional evolution-a change examined with greater detail in the following sections.

In September 1932, the Kingdom was united as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.This major step brought all Saudi Arabian citizens under the umbrella of a unified constitutional and administrative system, all while allowing for the completion of new structures for the Kingdom.administrative organization, several ministries were created, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (1930), the Ministry of Finance (1932), the Ministry of Defense (1944), the Ministry of the Interior, and the Ministry of Communication (1953)., Crown Prince and Prime Minister, transformed the Council of Ministers into a legislative, executive, and administrative body with decision-making abilities.Most of the constitutional basics in the Kingdom were embedded in the Law of the Council of Ministers.Most importantly, the fourth article of this document established several governmental bodies, which included the Consultative Council, Administrative Councils, District Councils, and Village and Tribal Councils.In 1927, the "Commission on Inspection and Reform," a committee which was tasked with reviewing the administrative system, was formed by order of Abdul-Aziz.

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The document was in line with the constitutions of many modern states, and may also be regarded as the precursor for future ones.

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